Occupational healthcare that works for you

Comprehensive and expert care for your workers, right at your worksite.

Uninterrupted productivity

Complete service at your worksite

We provide specialty care at your worksite, including routine physicals, hazardous clearances, and acute injury care.

No more waiting room
Once you go onsite, you never go back. No more driving, finding parking, waiting room, reimbursements, and save the hassle for all of your workers too!
No destination is too far
From distant farms to secluded ski resorts, we are committed to providing our services to every worksite, wherever they may be.
Specialty care at your worksite
For first-aid that needs doctor's evaluation, we bring a specialty doctor to your worksite either by telemedicine or in-person.
Fast physical clearance turnaround
Our doctors get the on-site results instantly, and can start signing off on your workers on the same day. No more waiting for days for results to come back.
We work around your time
Never lose another workday because your key worker is at physical. We work around your schedule, and can come in early, late, or on weekends.
Complete insight into the process
Our portal keeps track of every worker and their clearance process, what services to be performed. And get notified when the worker is cleared.

Full Lifecycle Support

Navigating Every Step of Your Workers' Care with Expertise

Our occupational health doctors help you navigate regulations and make your worksite safer.

One-stop service
We offer one-stop service for every step of the care, including onsite hazardous clearance, acute injury care, worksite safety consult, and other preventative care.
Occupational Health Doctors
Occupational health doctors are precious, and we offer access to hundreds of them, among the network of only 3000 practicing doctor in America. From Orthopedists to Pulmonologist or Physiatrists, our team has the expertise to address all of your of occupational health issues.
Expert Consultations
Our occupational health doctors will listen to your concerns, help you stay up-to-date with new regulations, and provide advice on how to prevent common incidents and make your worksite safer.

Best-in-class record management

Start accumulating compliance record today for lower worker's compensation premium

Keep track of all your compliance records in one place.

Full 360° workforce health view
For every service we conduct and every worker we help, we keep track and provide you with the information you need, available any time.
OSHA Compliance
Simplify OSHA compliance by maintaining thorough records of workplace health and safety with our digital platform.
Privacy Compliance
Protect employee privacy by adhering to stringent data protection standards for health information storage and handling.
Integration with your HRIS
Integrate our digital record-keeping system with your HRIS for a streamlined approach to workforce health management.
Integration with your EHS System
Enhance your EHS system with our platform's seamless integration, promoting a unified strategy for environmental, health, and safety oversight.
Connect to new-school worker's compensation
Safe drivers benefit from lower auto insurance rates, and your diligent safety efforts should similarly be rewarded with reduced workers' compensation premiums. By partnering with innovative workers' compensation providers, we aim to secure better rates for you. Start building your records with us today, and as the data accumulates, the savings will follow.

Loved by businesses across the states

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    • Our work safety has improved tremendously since partnering with PulzAid. Their onsite services and comprehensive approach have made a significant difference in our daily operations. The transparency of the process has given us peace of mind, knowing that our workers are well taken care of.

      John D.
      Construction Site Manager
    • We've been using PulzAid for our occupational health needs, and it has been a game-changer. Their end-to-end services and transparent process have provided a sense of security, knowing that our workers' safety is in good hands. We've seen a remarkable improvement in overall safety at our facility.

      Lisa M
      Manufacturing Plant Supervisor
    • Since we started using PulzAid's services, we've seen a noticeable improvement in our workplace safety.

      Sarah G
      Project Manager
    • PulzAid's onsite services and transparent process have significantly boosted our workplace safety.

      Eric B.
      Construction Project Manager

Coming soon to all states

We are continuously expanding our services to new states, ensuring more businesses can access our comprehensive workers' healthcare solutions.


  • Physical Clearance for Silica exposure
  • Physical Clearance for Asbestos exposure
  • Respiratory Fit Test
  • Vaccination Program
  • Acute Injury diagnosis and care


  • Physical Clearance for Silica exposure
  • Physical Clearance for Asbestos exposure
  • Respiratory Fit Test
  • Vaccination Program
  • Acute Injury diagnosis and care


  • Physical Clearance for Silica exposure
  • Physical Clearance for Asbestos exposure
  • Respiratory Fit Test
  • Vaccination Program
  • Acute Injury diagnosis and care

More States

  • Florida (by inquiry only)
  • Nevada (by inquiry only)
  • Arizona (by inquiry only)

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